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WebGuard is a unique solution for mobile device protection

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  • Blocks
  • Keeps you from dangerous web sites
    and viruses
  • Increases
    download speed
  • Compresses traffic
    and saves money
  • Ensures your

Blocks all ads

WebGuard blocks web site advertising, ads in applications and digital content.
Watch videos without adverts!


Keeps you safe from dangerous web sites and viruses.

Encrypts the transferred data,
allowing to safely use public WiFi hotspots.

Spying protection

Your Web activity is hidden from trackers.

Web sites and social networks will not be able to collect
information about your actions any more.

Traffic compression

Increases download speed by up to 2 times.

Helps you to save money and time.

User anonymity

Spoofs your real IP-address and indicates your
address, making as if you were in another country.



About us

4PDA.RU Nowadays the app WebGuard is one of the most effective applications that ensures safe web-surfing and minimizes the consumption of internet-traffic due to the blocking of annoying ads.

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